Wandering in Rio de Janeiro

Scenes from “Rio Adventure,” the unforgettable melody of “Waka Waka,” and the endless Amazon rainforest from my middle school textbook formed my initial imagination of Rio. However, after actually staying in this city for six days, I ultimately described it as “contradictory” in my Wechat Moment.

Rainforests, beaches, the ocean… The natural or semi-natural landscapes are the pride of this tourist city. Even though we couldn’t see the imagined sunshine for most of our stay in Rio, the gloomy weather didn’t diminish the beauty of these sights. The fine drizzle added a layer of mystery to the forest, turning it into a stage where goblins might occasionally appear from a fairy tale. The ocean, veiled by clouds, is in a jade green color, rushing wildy onto the shores and eventually reaching the ankles of photographers.

Rainforest in Rio
Waves and Seabirds
A hunting spider in the forest
A reptile in the bontany

Between the mountains and the sea, the densely packed slum buildings on the hillsides and the bustling commercial roads near the beach formed a contradictory composition. A yellow tram traversed through, connecting these two completely different worlds for tourists. On festive days, the usually busy city center was empty, while the beach just across the street teemed with people. The carnival crowds slowly moved along the streets, accompanied by deafening music that seemed never-ending. Standing on the street corner, we felt the wildness of Rio and understood the true meaning of “thronged streets.”

“Lunch break”
A tram in Santa Teresa
Overlook from Santa Teresa

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